Andrew Ste. Ann

What is My Backyard Highway all about?

My personal page to share. I live at the border of the city and country and my backyard is an awesome place of various places, cultures and changing scenery to explore.  


How is the new album developing?

It's been a journey. It changed directions a few time until I got it right. I released Hope for Tomorrow and Healing Hearts as singles as I realized these songs didn't fit into the theme of the album but I didn't want the songs to sit on the shelf. The album took shape through various circumstances and I learned much through the process.


What are your interest outside of music?

I'm very diverse and you will see it as this page develops. I like nature, history, anything fast, good wine, small towns, reading, horses, sports and interesting people.


Who are your influences?

Wow! Many. I listen to so many types and styles of music. I will say that I really think Tom Petty is a gifted songwriter. It's hard to say really. I listen to everything from classical to punk and everything in between. Everything is so focused on a hit single today that it's getting harder to latch onto a group or artist and follow their journey. Pearl Jam I admire and I love the attitude of Dave Grohl. 


If you could meet one famous person throughout history, who would it be?

Abraham Lincoln for some strange reason. 


What are the challenges as an Indepenant artists?

Many. But I have a great team around me and enjoy the freedom of being creative without outside demands.


Where do you lean in politics?

None of your business!:) Really...I would never endorse a politcal party. I vote. I have voted at one time or another for various parties, depending on the issues. I would never sell myself to one party. I do believe many honest people get into politics for good reasons, but the world of power is a messy place. I would endorse more local issues. I made a promise to support single Moms as I had the opportunity to meet a lot of them a few years back. The strength and challenges they face was revealing and I promised one to promote their struggles. Also local cancer patients. I have met many heroes there. Hey, one is not superman saving the world. We all have our place, and to give back is best to focus on a issues or two.




Backyard Highway