How is 2022 developing?

It's been a journey. It changed directions a few time until I got it right and without lockdowns things became easier this year.  Like everyone else it was a struggle during lockdowns. Lots of delays recording new songs and finishing up some videos but I was able to finish the new album Thirsty. The first song was One Night In April, an interesting song as I wrote it on the keyboard. I was on my way to the studio to do more takes on another song and I made a pivot and said to my producer I'm gonna play a song for you, I played it and he loved it and we went to work on it right away. Next was Let Your Light Shine; another interesting song as I had the skeleton of the song written awhile ago and I decided to finish the mixing while I was hibernating like everyone else. Then it was just deciding what other songs to include in the album.

So you had a busy few years?

For sure! So many different things going on! Writing new material, video production and also releasing a line of greeting cards with parts of my lyrics on them. I tried to take more risks in every projects but remain true to my core beliefs. This year Many Miles will be re-released for a fundraiser for Canadian Veterans and I am thankful to be able to do that.

Many Miles was from your first album?

Yes, from Outlaws~Patriots & Saints. I wrote it for a group of soldiers I got to know and gave it to them to play while in Afghanistan. I like to support Veterans any way I can and having a fundraiser is just one avenue I feel I can support.

How is the transition from songwriter/recording artist to playing live?

Exciting! When I first started writing songs I was content to be a recording artists as I had  reponsbilites at home and my children were in the middle of college and university, and that is when they need you the most. Now I have time to focus on live peformances and travel, so I am looking forward to it! But first I have to wrap up everything I've been busy with the last few years. The new album will be released and some videos and also my e store will be opened. So yeah, it's been a journey!