Emerging singer/songwriter Andrew Ste. Ann enter the studio with his guitar to begin recording songs he had written for his debut album: Outlaws, Patriots & Saints. Having picked award winning producer Andrew Horrocks to produce the album, Ste. Ann was ready to rock! Joining Ste. Ann was Jim Rumble on drums and Bruce Chambers on bass-who Ste. Ann fondly calls The Crew. Dea Gillard joined him on vocals on Outlaws From England and Many Miles. On Many Miles Ste. Ann also welcomed the addition of rapper KnF, Ian Tanner on keyboards and Levi Pauls on violin. Laura Jane joined him on vocals on Remembering and Kicking Around Some. Keyboardist Rob Horvath added his talent on Remembering. Led by Ste. Ann, this talented group has fans foot tapping, reflecting and wanting more. Join the Journey! 

Andrew Ste. Ann:  Using his imagination and creativity Ste. Ann has written a group of songs in his debut album that speaks to the issues of our times.  According to Ste. Ann, "It's all about exploring creativity and hoping there's enough fans to join you in the journey."

The Crew: The Crew is made up of Bruce Chambers on bass and Jim Rumble on drums. They are the solid force behind Ste. Ann's sound. Both honed their talent playing in various bands throughout their music careers. Bruce is known for his versatility and showmanship as a bass player; bringing electric energy to live shows. Jim's reputation is that of the anchor to a band, keeping the beat in time, allowing band members to keep their timing in shows. His hard playing with vigour and creativity is what first attracted Ste. Ann to his talent.

Dea Gillard: Dea was one of the first musicians Ste. Ann brought to practise sessions. At first Ste. Ann was using her as a piano player-experimenting with a piano back-up to his songs. Having heard her sing one day, he asked her to try singing back-up on Many Miles. After the studio takes of Many Miles, Ste. Ann's producer suggested bringing her on for Outlaws From England...and the rest is history... 

Andrew Ste. Ann

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Bruce Chambers

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Jim Rumble

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